From conceptualization to development and apps launch, Ubiqua will be your partner in the definition and implementation of your apps. The experience backs us up in the creation of mobile apps for all kind of companies: The Colomer Group, Domeq, Nestlé, Tursime de Catalunya, Nissan, Toyota, etc… Our development team works to make the multiplatform applications a reality, especially iOS, Android and HTML5. With the objective of combining the best experience for the user with an effective branding for the client.

The team at Ubiqua can accompany you in all the phases of your internet-based sales. We get involved in you project from the beginning:

  • We can begin by performing a consulting to perform the most effective implementation. Understanding and knowing the business model will help in creating adequate solutions for your e-commerce.
  • We offer different electronic commerce solutions (e-Commerce & m-Commerce) that will allow your users to make internet purchases with ease and comfort.
  • Usability and design are some of the key points of a digital product. We will analyze which is the best way to interact with your site, organize the information so that the user may be able to find what he is interested in and create an interface that adapts to the needs of your users, among other things.
  • <span”>Continuous improvement is our option: we help you to improve and increase the performance of your e-commerce site. Optimizing the visual design, seeking and testing the best alternatives for the e-commerce to become the most usable and profitable, but at the same time having an aesthetic that reinforces the brand image.




NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology that enables the inter-device data exchange.



Through our massive sms messaging gateway, you are able to send all your messages to any country. You can use our gateway from the web at where you will be able to personalize and plan your campaigns, or through the API to connect from your applications.



Through gaming life is seen in another color. Because of that we provide all our knowledge so that any activity in life would be fun and to achieve never before seen results.


QR CODES a tool that enables the grouping of all your social and digital presences in only one mobile page, along with a short custom url and your associated QR code. This way, you not only get a “smart” QR, but we also automatically build you a mobile landing page where to take your visitors.



Connecting the physical world with the digital experience. Ubiqua transforms the way of buying and visiting physical establishments thanks to the iBeacons supported by the main mobile platforms (Apple, Android,…)



We design, execute and mediate your e-mail marketing campaigns, so that you will only need to worry about checking the evolution of your results.

We are specialized in the development of web apps maximizing all the features of a Smartphone, with all the benefits of HTML5 to obtain a dynamic and intuitive site. Our developments can be as complex as you need: from electronic commerce sites connected to your own systems, to more simple mobile pages. We develop your mobile site ad-hoc or if what you need is an agile and fast microsite we can help you with one of our platforms: a simple but robust suite that creates mobile content, mini-sites, and publishes them on the spot, or a platform to automatically create your mobile “landing page” with all your digital presence.

It’s a process to improve your app’s position in Apple and Google Play app stores. From over millions of available apps, only a few are found by the users. Ubiqua has the best professionals, knowledge and tools to achieve your app’s easy discovery and growth of its user community.

You are looking for us if…

  • You want to reduce the time of your positioning strategy optimization
  • You don’t want to pay for incentive users
  • You want to discover why you aren’t appearing in the rankings.
  • You want your app to achieve organic downloads over time.